X-CUBE i9 Ultrasound For Peak Diagnosis

The X-CUBE i9 portable ultrasound system redefines portable ultrasound for the modern healthcare professional.

Better Mobility With ALPINION X-CUBE i9

With the X-CUBE i9 Ultrasound, you are freed from the limitations of time and place. Features like long-lasting batteries and dual transducer connectivity provide great versatility for various tests. Prioritize your patients over practical constraints. 

Smooth Diagnosis With X-CUBE i9 Ultrasound

This machine user interface is simple and optimized for workflow. Intelligent features reduce setup time and learning curves, allowing more patient engagement and diagnosis time. Examples of these features are speedy examination options and operator-guiding functions.

ALPINION X-CUBE 60 X+ Architecture

X-CUBE i9 Portable’s Exceptional Image Quality

The X-CUBE i9 portable is more than just a portable ultrasound system; Powered by X+ Architecture, the X-CUBE i9 portable ultrasound machine delivers best-in-class image clarity and accuracy. This advanced platform combines innovative imaging algorithms with efficient workflows to ensure exceptional image quality across diverse clinical settings.


With the help of the i9 portable ultrasound machine’s X+ FIT and X+ Crystal Signature technology, experience unmatched image detail. With the use of cutting-edge materials, X+ Crystal Signature maximizes signal transmission while reducing loss, producing better image quality and deeper image penetration. A complex beamforming technique called X+ FIT enhances contrast and homogeneity for exceptional resolution, further refining the image. 

X+ Crystal Signature

X+ Crystal Signature™ applies single crystal design plus ALPINION’S custom materials the transducer design to achieve excellent clarity of image quality.

Increased Versatility
More Functions for Increased Versatility

With Needle VisionTM, The portable ultrasound machine makes using needles easier. This function uses beam steering technology to give a clear picture of the needle’s form and orientation when it is being inserted. Optimize the beam angle for best visibility, accurate needle placement, and increased patient safety. Better features at a more affordable rate. Grab your X-CUBE i9 for sale. 

Rich Image Details
Rich Image Detail

With confidence, investigate a variety of anatomical structures. The X-CUBE i9 ultrasound’s ultra-high frequency linear L10-25H transducer provides outstanding detail for superficial tissues like muscles and nerves. The wide bandwidth SL3-19H transducer offers superior image quality for in-depth analyses. 

See Better With The
X-CUBE i9 Portable Ultrasound Machine

Use panoramic imaging to acquire deeper understanding. By providing a horizontal image with an expanded field of view, this function improves your comprehension of the patient’s condition by enabling you to see bigger anatomical areas in a single scan. 

X-CUBE i9 Portable’s Needle Vision

It is simple to navigate needle insertion by adjusting the needle’s form and orientation with the use of beam steering technology. As you see where you’re inserting the needle, insert it without fear.

Auto EF
High-quality image

The ultra-high frequency of the X-CUBE i9 portable displays high-quality images with every detail apparent. Put an end to your uncertainty and self-criticism and focus on completing your job with clarity.  

Accurate analysis

You can see every detail in real-time. The X-CUBE i9 ultrasound’s excellent frame rate and image quality help ensure accurate and prompt analysis.

Auto IMT
High-quality transducer

Special materials are used for improved durability and enhanced performance. Thanks to this ultrasound machine’s seamless mold, its clean design avoids cross-contamination and infection.

See crystal clear

The ultra-high-frequency transducer allows you to see superficial regions like arteries and veins, so you never miss any detail and can accurately diagnose your patients 

Auto IMT
X+ Crystal Signature
Never miss a detail
X-CUBE i9 ultrasound’s X+ micro view is the vascular imaging mode that displays micro blood flow. You can see even the low-speed blood flow in the tiniest of vessels. By displaying a low-velocity blood flow that is not visible on a color doppler at a high frame rate, this method helps correct diagnosis.

X+ Focus

X + Focus is the new image processing technology that displays a clearer images. It brings optimal image quality by enhancing true clinical information and suppressing unnecessary noise and other artifacts.

Advanced X+ Focus technology, integrated into the X-CUBE 90 with Elite, elevated the level of image performance in terms of Resolution, Penetration, and Uniformity through an evolved SRI library, optimized INV mode, and special image processing algorithm.

Transducer Technology

The primary data source for the creation of ultrasound images.

The key to transducer technology is the process of generating a highly sensitive wideband acoustic signal, receive it without any loss; and, to convert it to a digital signal. ALPINION MEDICAL SYSTEMS has researched and developed the core technology of transducers and X+ Crystal Signature is the accomplishment of all the innovative technologies we’ve accumulated.

Special matching layer

We use a special material to increase the penetration efficiency of the acoustic power, thereby improving sensitivity and bandwidth.

Upgraded Single Crystal

The upgraded single crystal features improved transmissivity of the ultrasound and produces high-resolution images.

Quasi decoupling layer

Its unique structure increases ultrasound penetration efficiency and makes it possible to reach deeper tissue.

Signal loss minimization

ALPINION’s special material minimizes signal loss and maximize heat dissipation with our special material.
* Thermal conduction efficiency increased 3.5 times compared to our previous product

High sensitivity signal transmission

High performance low loss cable transmits high sensitivity signals to achieve optimal impedance matching with the system.