Improve Medical Imaging With ALPINION X-CUBE i9 Ultrasound Machine!

Power Up Your Efficiency in No Time

The Portable ALPINION X-CUBE i9

Replace the old ultrasound device with the latest ALPINION X-CUBE i9 portable ultrasound machine solution and create a modern healthcare environment.
The X-CUBE i9 offers the best mobile platform in motion, logical operation, intelligent clinical solutions, and ideal diagnostic solutions all in one.
Innovative healthcare professionals can reach new heights of customer satisfaction with this machine, which provides high-class image clarity and accuracy for confident diagnoses and comprehensive data interpretation.

X-CUBE i9 Saves Your Time And Space Constraints

The X-CUBE i9 assists medical professionals by providing long-lasting batteries and dual transducers for seamless examinations.

Dual Transducers

2 Active transducer connectors (1 Optional)

Double Up Your Workflow

With long-lasting dual batteries and transducers

Dual Batteries

2 built -In batteries (1 Option)

Long Lasting Batteries

Standby mode: Max 100 hrs. and Continuous scan: Max 60 min

Easy Control Cart

Easy adjustment of height: 848 ~ 998 mm smooth and silent gas lift cylinder

Exceptional Imaging Quality & Versatile Diagnostic Performance

Powered by X Architecture, Innovative Imaging Algorithms

X-CUBE i9 ultrasound device keeps the diagnosis workflow efficiently maintained, which may effectively support the diverse range of clinical settings with crystal clear imaging quality.
The large-capacity data processing of X+ FIT technology integrated into the X-CUBE i9 portable can produce a high-resolution image. Receive the signal with the X+ Crystal Signature, a highly sensitive broadband transducer, increasing the ultrasound acquisition process.


The sophisticated parallel beamforming technology FIT improves contrast and uniformity for excellent resolution by transmitting, receiving and processing a large amount of data

X+ Crystal Signature

With the use of an upgraded single crystal material, it improves transmittance. In addition, Alpinion’s innovative backing material minimizes signal loss, improving penetration and image quality.

Clinical Image

Expand Flexibility and Adaptability

X-CUBE i9 ultrasound device has some significant options for fast examination and functional guidance, which reduces the dependency on operators and maximizes efficiency.
The intelligent options enable the fast examination and the guide function that minimizes the operator’s role in the system and increases productivity.
X+ Compare
Allows the user to import previously acquired images from a PAC or hard disk and discover the difference with the current image in real-time scan and E-viewing mode for reviewing.
Power Preset
Users can load the system preset saved in advance with a single click of a button. You can also decrease the imaging set-up time using these quick and easy presets.
Xpeed TM
Once you press the Xpeed button, you will quickly optimise images in 2D and spectrum Doppler modes and detect, predict, and adjust the dynamic range in real-time.
Adjustable Image Size
Adjust for image size is available (70%130%) from the original image size without compromising image quality.
USB Real Time Recording
Its capability of recording data in real-time makes it easier to transfer data. Users can record ultrasound scan images on USB memory in real time. Videos can be recorded in high-definition and stored in the system quickly.
Intuitive User Interface
Interface design contains exclusive icons and illustrations, making it easy to use even for practitioners unfamiliar with ultrasound devices.
Group Annotation
With the help of colour classification, recognizing preferred text becomes easy, and you can also set the text replacement from annotation for improved usage.
X Assistant
Compared to traditional use, the number of keystrokes has decreased by more than 50%. Users can also optimize the scanning protocols by registering them using ALPINION X-CUBE i9 specific rules and reducing examination time.



Primary Care: Cardiology

Primary Care: Abdomen & Obstetrics

User-Friendly Design and Ergonomics

  • 2 Transducer connectors (1 Option) 
  • 2 Built-in Batteries (1 Option) 
  • Sleep mode: Max. 100 hrs. 
  • Continuous scan: Max. 60 min. 
  • Fast System Boot-up 
  • From sleep mode: 15 sec. / From off mode: 62 sec. 
  • 15.6-inch LCD monitor 
  • 15.6-inch LCD monitor 
  • 6Kg (with 1 battery) 
  • Dimension: 385(W) x 370(D) x 62.5~353(H) mm 
  • 4 User Define Key 

The 12.1-inch high-resolution touch panel allows users to tilt up to 15° for user convenience

  • Smooth and silent gas lift cylinder 

Image: The cart and carrying bag may be available for purchase separately.