Improve Versatility with Alpinion E-Cube i7 Ultrasound Machine

Modern Invention Meets Portability of Your Pocket

The Alpinion E-CUBE i7 portable ultrasound machine has impressive imaging capabilities with an ergonomic design for your comfort during scanning.
With the compact design Alpinion E Cube i7 is flexible and comes with application-specific imaging technology. The E-CUBE i7 offers user-friendly and productivity-based imaging studies from everyday inpatient care to interventional radiology procedures.

The Innovative Cart-Based System Architecture

The utilization of a cart-based system has rendered the Alpinion E Cube I7 Portable Ultrasound Machine both innovative and contemporary. The E Cube i7 Ultrasound delivers incredible results and constantly performs high image quality zones throughout its lifetime.

Excellent E Cube i7 Ultrasound Imaging Quality

Crystal Signature TM

High-frequency enhanced linear transducer

E-CUBE i7 Allows Diverse Diagnoses

The ALPINION E-CUBE i7 isn’t just a portable powerhouse;
it’s an adaptable clinical tool developed to improve your diagnostic capabilities across different applications.

Efficient Workflow for Improved Efficiency

Work for The Best Optimal Clinical Environment

A majority of sonographers (80%) complain of job-induced pain, and about a quarter of these suffer a career-end injury due to musculoskeletal disorder.
1 hour battery life / 7.2kg Lightweight system
Library Quiet
Library(30dB) / E-CUBE i7(31dB)
Fast boot-up
Less then 45 seconds

Clinical Image

Software Technologies

Needle Vision TM

Xpeed (Auto Image Optimization)

CW (Continuous Wave)

Panoramic Imaging

Stress Echo