See Clearer, Diagnose Faster with X-CUBE 70

The ALPINION X-CUBE 70 ultrasound technology is designed to improve diagnostic skills and improve patient care. It is based on ALPINION’s X+ Architecture platform and uses advanced software, wideband transducers, and high resolution to produce images of remarkable quality. 

eXtensive Insight

Powered by X+ Architecture

ALPINION X-CUBE 70 offers crystal-clear, noise-free photos and better quality, so your patients get the best service possible.

ALPINION X-CUBE 60 X+ Architecture

Advanced X+ Focus

X+ Focus is the new image processing technology that produces sharper photos by reducing noise and other artefacts and boosting real clinical information. It produces images with the best quality providing a new horizon for better diagnosis. With the integration of an enhanced SRI library and a unique image processing algorithm, the cutting-edge X+ Focus technology raised the bar for picture performance in terms of resolution, clarity, and display focus.


X+ FIT technology acts like a supercomputer for the ultrasound machine. It uses parallel beamforming to process data 14 times faster than our previous model. It can analyze information and create clear images ten times faster than previous machines, while the ALPINION X CUBE 70 is much more affordable than other ultrasound machines.  

eXpanded Capability

X-CUBE 70’s advanced features and technologies raise the bar for diagnostic precision.
Advanced imaging techniques improve the detail of images for improved and confident diagnosis.

X+ Microview
X+ Microview
X+ Mircoview uses advanced color filters to show you the smallest blood vessels, which you won’t be able to see with regular ultrasound machines. This allows you to see organ perfusion and pathologies’ flow patterns.  
X+ Microview
CEUS (Contrast Enhancement Ultrasound)

With X-CUBE 70, you’ll see more important information about the patterns of blood flow in organs and tissues for a more thorough assessment. Accurately identify patients suffering from liver illness. Using contrast media, CEUS provides a crisp image for better decision-making by highlighting the circulatory patterns within organs. 

Clear Face
Shear Wave Elastography (SWE)
Shear Wave Elastography improves tissue stiffness. This non-invasive and advanced tool gives a quantitative diagnosis of chronic liver disease. The reliable result of SWE helps you diagnose confidently.  
X CUBE 70’s Point Shear Wave Elastography (pSWE) can show stiffness that can be quantified using radiation forces. It reduces unnecessary biopsies and increases patient satisfaction by identifying liver fibrosis without invasive procedures.
Mixed Mode
Mixed Mode

Easily produce 3D reconstructions for improved view. To adapt the image to your own requirements, combine up to seven rendering effects and adjust the image’s depth, lighting, and sharpness. 

Clear Face
Clear Face
This feature allows you to visualize complex structures and fetal faces with exceptional clarity, enhancing communication with patients and families. The X CUBE 70 delivers the highest-quality patient care with exceptional image quality, advanced functionalities, and a smooth workflow.

eXceptional Care With X-CUBE 70

APINION X-CUBE 70 lets you enjoy crystal clear, noise-free photos and better quality. This makes it possible for you to clearly recognize even minute information, which enables quicker and more precise diagnosis.  

X+ Assistant
X+ Assistant

The X+ Assistant feature in X CUBE 70 on GPX Lets you expedite your assessments and reduce keystrokes by 50%. This configurable tool automates routine operations like text entry, image layout, scan technology, and computations. Put your patients’ needs first and let X+ Assistant take care of the paperwork. Buy ALPINION XCUBE 70 and change the way you do healthcare.   

X+ Auto Biometry

With ALPINION X-CUBE 70’s X+ Auto Biometry, important fetal biometric parameters can be easily measured. During Estimated Foetal Weight (EFW) tests, this intelligent function uses sophisticated recognition algorithms to identify and quantify fetal head circumference automaticallyGet important information fast and with less chance of human error. 

X+ Compare
X+ Compare

With X+ Compare, you can get insightful information on patient progress. This functionality allows you to import prior ultrasound tests from hard drives or PACS servers directly for a patient. By comparing the photos from the current examination with those from previous ones, you can effortlessly monitor the course of the disease and adjust treatment strategies. 

USB Real-Time Recording

Buy ALPINION X-CUBE 70 and use USB real-time recording to streamline data storage. Record high-quality ultrasound images straight to a USB stick to make data sharing and archiving for consultations or referrals easier. 

Antivirus Solution 

Get the protection of the Antivirus scanning whenever you power up the ultrasound and protect your patient’s privacy.  

X+ Crystal Signature

X+ Focus

X + Focus is the new image processing technology that displays a clearer images. It brings optimal image quality by enhancing true clinical information and suppressing unnecessary noise and other artifacts.

Advanced X+ Focus technology, integrated into the X-CUBE 90 with Elite, elevated the level of image performance in terms of Resolution, Penetration, and Uniformity through an evolved SRI library, optimized INV mode, and special image processing algorithm.

Design & Ergonomics

x cube 70

Enjoy a larger widescreen and clear, high definition images.

The 12.1-inch high-resolution touch panel allows users to tilt up to 15° for user convenience

The additional holder makes it easier to pick up the transducer and gel, providing a convenient diagnostic environment that fits the user's body shape. 

The control panel may be easily adjusted vertically with its motorized button. 

5 transducer connectors are composed of 4 active and 1 optional. 
The rear wheels have a swivel lock to control their motion. You can select all-wheel swivel and straight alignment for ease of movement. 

Transducer Technology

The primary data source for the creation of ultrasound images.

The key to transducer technology is the process of generating a highly sensitive wideband acoustic signal, receive it without any loss; and, to convert it to a digital signal. ALPINION MEDICAL SYSTEMS has researched and developed the core technology of transducers and X+ Crystal Signature is the accomplishment of all the innovative technologies we’ve accumulated.

Special matching layer

We use a special material to increase the penetration efficiency of the acoustic power, thereby improving sensitivity and bandwidth.

Upgraded Single Crystal

The upgraded single crystal features improved transmissivity of the ultrasound and produces high-resolution images.

Quasi decoupling layer

Its unique structure increases ultrasound penetration efficiency and makes it possible to reach deeper tissue.

Signal loss minimization

ALPINION’s special material minimizes signal loss and maximize heat dissipation with our special material.
* Thermal conduction efficiency increased 3.5 times compared to our previous product

High sensitivity signal transmission

High performance low loss cable transmits high sensitivity signals to achieve optimal impedance matching with the system.