MINISONIO – Anywhere, Anytime, Anybody

ALPINION Minisono offers a streamlined ultrasound solution. It’s compact, lightweight, and easy to use, unlike bulkier older models.

New potential in your daily practice

The ALPINION minisono team hasn’t just reduced the ultrasound machine’s dimensions. Significant improvements have also been made in terms of usefulness and image quality.Their creative mix of two essential technologies, the transducer and image processing, is what makes them so magical.

The transducer, which is essentially the probe in touch with the body, is a critical component
in the picture production process since it records the interior echoes. minisono ultrasound is smaller than typical machines, but it can still pick up fine details because ALPINION probably created a sophisticated transducer, especially for it.



Small Parts



Focus on ease of use

Make it easy – All you need is a minisono ultrasound and a Surface tablet

3 Steps to Start Scan

The ALPINION minisono is simple to begin using; just plug it into a tablet using a USB. 

  • Plug in the USB
  • Pick the Preset 
  • Begin Scanning

Ease of Use

The familiar touch control on the tablet, along with the
remarkably simple user interface of minisono ALPINION,
will help you concentrate on scanning.

Data Sharing & Security

Minisono ultrasound gives you productivity and offers a
comfortable network environment.

  • Wireless Network Storage 
  • Wireless DICOM / DICOM 3.0 
  • HIPAA compliant 
  • Wireless DICOM Worklist 

Mobility- unlimited potential

minisono is light, compact and easy to transport
Take the minisono anywhere with you

Minisono can be easily utilized in settings where space and time are limited, such as a sports field, clinic, hospital, emergency room, or operating room.

Durability & Reliability
The IEC 60601-1 drop test verified the minisono ultrasound’s durability. Compared to wireless, a USB connection is more dependable, stable, and secure.
Easy handling & less stress with a light transducer
Despite being a transducer with a unique construction, the minisono is as small and light as a cell phone.

To save precious lives Anywhere, Anytime, Anybody

The minisono ALPINION can be used confidently in even the most difficult locations without requiring changing the patient or other equipment. Whenever the need arises, you may scan the patient and provide an immediate diagnostic from anywhere, at any time.

X+ Focus

X + Focus is the new image processing technology that displays a clearer images. It brings optimal image quality by enhancing true clinical information and suppressing unnecessary noise and other artifacts.

Advanced X+ Focus technology, integrated into the X-CUBE 90 with Elite, elevated the level of image performance in terms of Resolution, Penetration, and Uniformity through an evolved SRI library, optimized INV mode, and special image processing algorithm.

Transducer Technology

The primary data source for the creation of ultrasound images.

The key to transducer technology is the process of generating a highly sensitive wideband acoustic signal, receive it without any loss; and, to convert it to a digital signal. ALPINION MEDICAL SYSTEMS has researched and developed the core technology of transducers and X+ Crystal Signature is the accomplishment of all the innovative technologies we’ve accumulated.

Special matching layer

We use a special material to increase the penetration efficiency of the acoustic power, thereby improving sensitivity and bandwidth.

Upgraded Single Crystal

The upgraded single crystal features improved transmissivity of the ultrasound and produces high-resolution images.

Quasi decoupling layer

Its unique structure increases ultrasound penetration efficiency and makes it possible to reach deeper tissue.

Signal loss minimization

ALPINION’s special material minimizes signal loss and maximize heat dissipation with our special material.
* Thermal conduction efficiency increased 3.5 times compared to our previous product

High sensitivity signal transmission

High performance low loss cable transmits high sensitivity signals to achieve optimal impedance matching with the system.